My name is Vin Spinelli and I’m running for Mayor of Washington Township.

I’m running because I care about our Township and community. I’m running because of what it has become. More importantly, I’m running because what it can become. A town full of economic growth, where families will once again come because it is safe, affordable, and fun; a place where our children will have every opportunity to reach their highest potential. I see a Washington Township where people want to come to live, learn, work, and play. This is our vision for the future of Washington Township. Come join us to make that vision a reality!

I live here with wife, Rhonda, daughter Gianna, son Nick and my daughter in law Rachel. We are 24- year residents of Washington Township.

I and my family have built a good life here and are active members of Holy Family Church in Sewell. I routinely volunteer my time as a Board member at Our Lady of Hope Catholic school where I chair the Technology Committee. I volunteer my time with the church and surrounding schools with various IT projects to create a better learning environment for our children.

I am a US Navy Veteran. My training is in engineering and executive leadership. I have a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from CSU Long Beach

My career spans over 30 years in the high tech/Information Technology Industry. I’ve held various technical and executive leadership positions. I currently work as an executive at a global software company and hold industry leadership positions worldwide.

My leadership style is one of team building. I lead with vision and conviction and create the sense of common purpose among the team to complete the mission. I believe in people and have the ability to create strategies to leverage the best of people for the common good of the task at hand. I don’t seek credit; rather strive to make those around me better.

So why vote for me? I want to leverage my skills and help our community thrive once more. I’m an ordinary citizen, just like you, who wants to bring common sense solutions to very solvable problems in our Township.